Strategies to Employ Under the New Social Security Law

With the passage of the bi-partisan budget bill in Fall 2015, major changes affecting Social Security were signed into law. The changes are geared to prevent duplicate or excessive benefit payments to high-income earners as well as to close unintended Social Security loopholes, leaving the system slightly more complicated. But there still are many strategies clients can use to maximize their benefits.

Mastering Spousal Benefits

Married couple planning needs to be handled carefully. Either spouse’s election relating to his or her own worker benefit can limit planning options. As a trusted financial professional, you help couples navigate the issue of early or delayed election and can help them receive larger benefits. We are here to help you learn the intricacies of these situations to maximize the services to your clients.

Educating Yourself on Social Security

It’s a fact: 57 percent of people look to their financial professional to help them analyze their Social Security options. If you can’t help them, they look for someone else. You need to advise your clients the right way. Too many people take the wrong benefit at the wrong time and it’s always smaller – and it’s forever.

Do You Know How Your Government Pension Affects Your Social Security?

I have the pleasure of writing this weeks Social Security blogs and sharing information on WEP and GPO. WEP (Windfall Elimination Priovision) and GPO (Government Pension Offset) both affect your Social Security. Here are some details…

Social Security Tips & Tricks

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing in blocks of 10 Social Security tips to help you maximize your claiming strategy. Please call us to help you strategize the best path for you. Don’t leave your money on the table.

Survivor Social Security Benefits

I get this question a lot. What will my benefits be when my husband passes away? When one spouse dies, the other can collect Social Security survivor benefits. So spousal benefits (if being collected) now become survivor benefits. This is applicable for either spouse, but let’s take a look at John and Cheryl…

Top 10 Reasons Clients Need You

Too many people go into retirement thinking they understand all there is to know about Social Security. That rarely is the case. That’s why they turn to you, their trusted financial professional. The more you learn about Social Security and the more resources you utilize can help these clients make the right decisions at the right times to maximize their Social Security benefits.