Why “Full Retirement Age” Is So Important For Social Security Benefits

“Full retirement age” means the age at which you become eligible to collect 100 percent of your monthly Social Security benefit.

Divorced Spousal Benefits and Social Security

It’s important to plan how you will apply for these benefits. Many ex-spouses do not even know they are eligible for this benefit. Careful planning is a must.

What Happens If You Want To “Withdraw” Your Application To Receive Social Security Benefits?

The law that applies to withdrawing Social Security benefits changed in December 2010. The current rules for withdrawing are detailed here.

Will Social Security Even Be Around for Me to Collect Benefits?

Various fixes are being proposed now to save the program and/or make it viable for future generations.

There are basically three ways to address the problem: do nothing, make raises or make cuts. Here are some of the many proposals suggested for the Social Security program.

When is it Ideal to File for Social Security Benefits?

One of the most commonly asked questions at Mister Social Security is, “When is the best time to file for my Social Security benefits? Earlier or later?”
There are many variables that answer this question, so let’s explore.